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Here at Ultrafemme we live in a perpetual summer filled with glow, maroon shadows and spectacular skin.

You’re in luck as our Beauty Experts have shared with us all the products we need for an incredible look that can easily merge from day to night.

First and foremost to have perfect skin and avoid any imperfections it is paramount that we clean our face thoroughly, hydrating it right after that.

Once your skin has absorbed the serum or cream you are using, you will be ready for the next step: the primer. This product is a must to get a perfect finish. This time we have chosen Primer L’Or by Guerlain because its 24 k gold particles make our skin glow and leave our skin feeling smooth, soft and silky. Ready for perfect and long lasting makeup!

Do you want to cover your imperfections while having a natural look? We have the foundation that you have been dreaming of: Dior Forever Undercover Foundation. This foundation provides total coverage in a water based very light formula perfect for any type of skin! Say goodbye to powder and shiny skin and start looking spectacular with a naturally matte finish. We know that finding the right shade is complicated but that problem is solved: with the help of our Beauty Experts you will find your perfect shade amongst the 20 that Dior offers.

The next step is applying your concealer. Where should you apply it? Apply it in places where you want to hide imperfections, spots or dark circles. We recommend Double Wear by Estée Lauder because it is long lasting, has a matte finish and is sweat resistant (perfect for when it is really hot outside).

Bronzer is our next stop: to sculpt your face and make it look radiant, Terracotta Sun Trio by Guerlain is your best bet. It makes your skin tone warmer. Plus, you can sculpt your face for a perfect look by creating shadows when you apply a darker shade to your cheekbones, the sides of your forehead and nose. You can then apply the lighter shade to your T-zone and temples and make your whole face light up.

Next step? Perfect brows! You can get perfectly outlined and natural eyebrows with Diorshow Brow Styler by Dior. Apply soft strokes of the pencil to fill your brows and blend with a brush.

For your cheeks, apply a delicate touch with Diorskin Rosy Glow. Its Fresh Color Reveal technology adapts to the moisture on your skin making the pink on your cheeks light up gradually imitating the natural blush of your skin. You must try it! Plus, it comes with its own brush for an easier and more perfect finish.

For a perfect luminous touch, you can use the Hyper Real Glow by MAC palette in Get It Glowin’, it will be the perfect trio to highlight the right places in your face. We recommend you use the lighter shade for your nose and under your eyes close to your tear ducts, the medium hue will be perfect for the cheekbones and you can mix the darker shade with your bronzer for an overall glow.

The time has now come to work on your eyes! Naked Honey by Urban Decay is a shadow palette that will meet your colour needs for your eyelids.  Done with the eye shadows? Now comes magical mascara time. So Volume by Sisley is the chosen one: it will make your eyelashes deliciously longer, fuller and more beautiful thanks to its treatment formula.

Last but not least… Lips! We start by protecting and hydrating them with La Mer Lip Balm. Apply a small amount and let its mint flavoured formula repair, soften and rejuvenate them. For the final touch of this look we have chosen Rouge Allure by Chanel in nº168 Rouge Ingénue. Its ultra fine texture blends perfectly on our lips.

We are ready to glow and turn every head! Follow us on our social media channels and discover more of our Beauty Experts favourite products.

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