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Eyebrows are a very important part of our face and, as a consequence, of our makeup routine. We know it is difficult to obtain the perfect shape but our Beauty Experts can show you how to do it.

Thanks to their expertise they know the three most important points that are the basis for perfect brows. Here they are:

  • Underline the start of your brow: the part where your brow begins needs to be totally straight and vertical. In order to make underlining them easier, put a pencil next to your nose aligning it with your tear duct: the brows that go beyond this line must be plucked.
  • Locate the highest point of your brow: it doesn’t matter if your brows are arched or more angular there is always a spot that is higher in the shape of your brow. If you don’t know how to find it, take a pencil and lean it again your nose, tilt it until you align it with your pupil and the pencil will point at the right spot. Your brows should start slanting down from that spot.
  • Find the end of your brow: it must align with the outer tear duct. Take your pencil again, place it next to your nose and tilt it until it aligns with the outer part of your eye. Pluck all the brows that go beyond this line.

If your brows are scarce, don’t worry! We have many products that can help shape and fill them out. We recommend a fine point pencil like Phyto-Sourcils Design by Sisley because it is a 3-in-1: pencil, illuminator and brush. For the finishing touches use Brow Finish by Urban Decay.

Phyto Sourcils Sisley CejasBrow Finish Urban Decay

If you need an expert to help you find the perfect shape for your brows come to your favourite Ultrafemme and let our Beauty Experts help you get your perfect eyebrows!

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