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Since our main goal is to help you reach the best version of yourself. FOREO has created a whole array of products that will make your life easier and, as a result, happier.

Why do we love it so? The answer is simple: in FOREO you have the best parts of a spa, in less than 6 minutes within the reach of your hand. We want every day to be a special day to pamper you. Let’s forget about traffic jams, appointments, and meetings, arriving somewhere and going out… You can take your beauty routine to the next level right from the comfort of your own home.

FOREO skincare routine
FOREO skincare routine

LUNA 3 is simply your best ally to have younger-looking and more radiant skin. Through its pulse, TSonic gets rid of oil and impurities in your skin. You can take it anywhere and it is 100% water-resistant. It makes your skin look –and feel– fresher and cleaner. What else could you ask for?

Well, you could ask for our very own UFO 2, a super-powerful 2-minute facial. Without a doubt, it will be responsible for achieving the skin of your dreams. It is an outstanding treatment that has as a plus the fact that you can do it at home. Who has 3 hours to go to the spa? And even less in the middle of a pandemic. Through hot-cold therapy, infallible LED lights, and its pulse, you can pamper your skin in only 90 seconds. It is so easy to use: you just have to download the app, personalize your routine, and presto! Tip: while you do your routine you can light your favorite scented candle, put on a smashing playlist and I assure you, you will feel as good as new.

And to cap off your routine, FOREO BEAR will make anyone’s dearest dream come true: having younger and firmer skin. This micro-current facial toner is the most indispensable and innovative technology we have tested. If you are curious, you might ask: why tone your skin? Well, I have news for you: do you think your abs are the only muscles you need to tone? Well, the answer is clearly no. The face has more than 43 muscles that require daily training and the BEAR works as a workout that tones facial muscles to rejuvenate your skin. Remember it must always be used with a water-based serum; it includes an anti-shock system to avoid hurting your skin with electric discharges.

foreo skincare rutina
FOREO skincare routine

Remember, with FOREO you can undergo all the treatments you could do at a spa but from your home. All you have to do is learn this 6-minute formula that we share here with you: LUNA 3 = UFO 2 + BEAR. You will be able to get immediate results that will have your skin looking beautiful. FOREO lets you be your best version every day, just by being yourself.